Piscine Sorgiva

Patented SORGIVA system allows our company to build free form natural swimming pools, that fit perfectly in gardens and relaxation areas, creating a perfect atmosphere for nature lovers.
Our bio swimming pools are characterized by natural materials such as quartz and pebble stones, thus giving the feeling of being on the bank of a river or lake, or a Caribbean beach.
We can customize your natural swimming pool in order to suit your aesthetic tastes, favouring a kind of gravel rather than others, creating a real bathing and relaxing area with gravel and water plants.
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“Every Sorgiva swimming pool, small or big, is conceived by taking into consideration your requirements and tastes.”


Traditionals System

Natural Pools & G
is an Italian company that has filed an extremely innovative new patent in the domain of swimming pools realized through layers of quartz and resin.
Today Sorgiva is the most versatile technology you can find on the market. The name Sorgiva (spring in English) emphasizes the main feature of this patent through which the water, filtered, is led under the finishing layer of the pool in order to flow out diffusely through the entire surface…

Traditional system:
• visible inlet fittings;
• no equal distribution of water all over the pool;
• stagnation of water on the coating;
• growth of algae and bacteria;
• difficult maintenance.

Sorgiva Technology

That is possible thanks to the interstices present in the first part of the structure that, by incorporating the hydraulic system, become saturated with chlorinated water, sterilizing it from any possible alga. Many attempts have been made adding directly some dye into the filter system, and we noticed a quick spreading through the first layer, passing under a light pressure and then crossing trough all the thin quartz finish. Eliminating the inlet fittings we have improved the pool appearance.

Sorgiva System:
• no visible inlet fittings;
• equal distribution of water all over the pool;
• optimal disinfection of the swimming pool;
• natural appearance of the entire reservoir;
• comfortable and optimal maintenance of the pool.